Application under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 for personal information held by Bassetlaw District council

Please see Bassetlaw District Council's website for further details on requesting information or contact:

Data Protection
Tel: 01909 533533

Before we can progress your request, we need some information from you to establish your identity. We do this to ensure everyone's right to privacy. Once we receive your written request, we will tell you what we need from you.

We have 1 month to respond to your request, however, this period does not start until we have received the required information from you. Once we receive this, your request becomes valid and we can progress your case.

Should your request involve us having to conduct an extensive search for your information, and/or look extensively at a high volume information, then we can extend our response time to 3 months. If this is the case, we will let you know about this in writing.

You will be provided with your information in an electronic format via a secure email link. Please tell us if you need the information in a paper copy. All information on how to access your information will be supplied to you at the point of disclosure.