Householder and Minor Works Enquiry Form

Please complete this form and pay a fee of £55 to determine if you require approval before commencing work.

You are advised to keep a copy of our reply with your deeds or in a safe place. It may be important if you sell your property.

DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998: The information on this form will be recorded on computer and also stored and processed as required. It is not a public document and will not be used as such.

*If your enquiry is about Building Regulations only, do not use this form. Please contact Building Control on telephone number 01909 533184 or e-mail This is a free service.
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  • Porches
  • Extension or alterations to a dwelling
  • Loft conversions
  • Property History
  • Means of Enclosures
  • Domestic Heating Containers
  • Hard Surface
  • Solar Panels
  • Supporting documents
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  • Freedom of Information Act and Data Protection